Public Relations

We utilise cutting-edge media intelligence and established healthcare PR connections to place your innovation in front of investors, policy makers, payors, and the public.

Co-created content

Great ideas aren’t created alone. In healthcare, it’s rarely just the seller and the customer. Your brand, HCPs, patients, regulators, and policymakers all want to be part of the solution.

Influencer & Digital Marketing

We identify the healthcare influencers who share your brand’s values, amplifying your brand’s impact for lasting PR engagement.

Live Events

Drive your healthcare communications using the power of live events to foster meaningful connections and immediate outcomes.

European Network

Located across Europe, our network of experienced communications specialists offer deeper market expertise, elevated media engagement, enhanced stakeholder connectivity and strong local event and production support for our clients.

Film, Content and Creative

Our directors and creators produce content to engage and educate audiences, specialising in transforming often complex data to amplify your brand’s digital presence.

Opinion Leader Outreach

By collaborating and connecting with Key Opinion Leaders, we can shape perceptions that resonate deeply and drive transformative change.

Comms Planning

Plan, prepare, provoke. Our planning workshops spot the gap, reframe the conversation, test the messages, and prepare your healthcare PR to create an impact.

Social, Digital, Inbound

Smart, connected and fast: we navigate the intersection of technology and communication to place your brand is in the fast lane.

Insight and Impact

Medical marketing is constantly evolving so understanding the pulse of the market is key. At EatMoreFruit, we delve beyond the surface, drawing insights to drive impactful strategies.

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