Comms planning

Healthcare communications planning and strategy

Plan, prepare, provoke. Our planning workshops spot the gap, reframe the conversation, test the messages, and prepare your PR to create an impact. The starting point of every successful campaign.

Diving into a healthcare comms strategy isn’t a mere exercise in planning. It is a crafted journey that pinpoints your target audiences and discerns the optimal channels to convey your narratives. A communications strategy doesn’t just happen during planning. At EatMoreFruit, we believe in the power of evolution, which is why we continuously refresh our thinking, making sure we’re on track to meet your goals to help your healthcare PR and marketing efforts.

We develop a strategic plan with goals, measurable objectives, identified audiences, key messages and effective tactics. We’re constantly monitoring new channels, ideas and tools including:

  • Research and insight
  • Messaging development
  • Campaign development
  • Communications training
  • Audience stakeholder mapping
  • PR evaluation and measurement

Case study

Our Client, a medtech innovator, can manipulate MRI images to accurately model every organ in the body into a pinpoint accurate fly-through image. At EatMoreFruit, we executed an international communications strategy for them, targeting key niche sectors from drug development to oncology. The result? We translated the science into clear and compelling stories, generating headlines across the UK and beyond. We not only secured corporate media features and widespread coverage in the medtech sphere, but also captivated nantional newspapers like The Telegraph, The Evening Standard, Daily Express and more, as well as broadcasters on the BBC and ITV, through the power of emotive patient narratives.

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