Insight and impact

Medical marketing is constantly evolving so understanding the pulse of the market is key. At EatMoreFruit, we delve beyond the surface, drawing insights to drive impactful strategies.

For a brand to resonate in the healthcare sector, it needs to be rooted in authentic and relevant data. Our team specialise in deep diving into these data mines, extracting those insights which, when combined with our creative flair, pave the way for innovative healthcare conversations that captivate and inform. To understand the effectiveness of these strategies, we closely monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), ensuring that our methods not only spark interest but also achieve tangible results.

Changing mindsets

Sometimes, the most significant impact is born from thinking differently. At EatMoreFruit, we excel in challenging the status quo, reframing issues, and presenting a fresh perspective to ignite change. We pride ourselves on our ability to view challenges through a different lens to engage and inspire. Our strategies and focus is on creating lasting influence and not just immediate results. It’s about long-term engagement and sustained impact that continues to drive change and amplify your brand’s voice.

Case study

In addressing the decline in haemophilia treatment compliance among adolescent boys, our qualitative research with patients and healthcare professionals led to the creation of the GOFACTOR program. Collaborating with professional cyclist and haemophiliac, Alex Dowsett, we crafted a campaign that resonated with teenagers. Alex, as a mentor and role model, engaged in open and relatable discussions on topics like sex, travel, and alcohol. The result? The programme took off, reaching and inspiring hundreds of teenage to stay active and adhere to their treatment plans. Measurement research revealed boys in the programme improved compliance with their treatment regime.

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