Film, content and creative

Energy and emotion through creative content

In the landscape of healthcare communications, the power of compelling content and imaginative creativity cannot be overstated. Our directors and creators produce content to engage and educate audiences, specialising in transforming often complex data into highly emotive content. Film and animation amplifies any brand’s digital presence. At EatMoreFruit, we blend the art of storytelling with first-person testimony and third-party endorsement to breathe new life into brands and issues that can change the healthcare landscape.

Bespoke content that resonates

By understanding the intricacies of the healthcare, medtech and pharma sectors  inside and out, we can craft narratives that inform and inspire. Through written and visual content, we will ensure your message leaves a lasting impression.

Our campaigns are not just about aesthetics, they’re designed to drive results. With a strategic blend of healthcare PR and digital insights, our creative content captures attention, stirs emotions and prompts action. The truth is in the data, and the devil is in the detail.  We specialise in bringing data to life, transforming complex information into engaging visuals that tell a story.

Video production & animation

Never underestimate the power of a dynamic visual in your medical marketing. Whether it’s patient testimonials, product launches, or educational content, we create visuals that resonate and amplify your brand’s digital presence.

Real life content success

Our #LoveYourEars campaign for our hearing specialist client, tackled the challenge of breaking the stigma around hearing loss. Launched on World Hearing Day, the #LoveYourEars campaign utilised a full creative package across multiple markets, combining social, digital and media activations for unprecedented engagement. The campaign's success hinged on its authenticity and positive, universally understandable message, making a significant impact in changing perceptions and encouraging proactive hearing health.

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