Public relations

A PR strategy in healthcare

In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare PR, making a mark is more than just sending a press release; it’s about narrating it in a way that resonates, influences, and drives action. At EatMoreFruit, we utilise our cutting-edge media intelligence and our robust relationships within the health, medtech and pharma sectors to ensure your brand is at the forefront of relevant conversations. By strategically positioning your innovation, we ensure it captures the attention of clinicians, payors, policy makers, patients, wider public and investors.

The significance of healthcare PR

Healthcare public relations requires strategy and creativity in order to connect new products and technologies with the global narrative around the medical need for intervention, be that publicly funded or self-care. We place scientific achievements into campaigns focused on making a healthy intervention in real-life. In an industry driven by evidence and trust, PR is the cornerstone of reputation – it informs, engages and inspires trust, and in doing so, positions your brand as a leader and authority in the healthcare space. At EatMoreFruit, we don’t just relay information; we turn breakthroughs into conversations, and conversations into trusted actions.

Spotlight case study

A global medical technology company with a new advanced wound care dressing was granted NICE guidance status for its efficacy with high-risk patients. The implications of this were monumental. EatMoreFruit’s role? We amplified this milestone by running workshops with the media, crafting tailored content and multi-media toolkits. The outcome? An impressive 27 pieces of media coverage, inclusive of 6 national and 21 trade stories, reaching an astounding 458M online readership.

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