Live events

As current trends and surveys point toward a resurgence of live events to pre-pandemic levels, the opportunity to engage with live audiences presents new challenges but also the opportunity to get closer and have more meaningful conversations. Events offer the platform to bring together all elements of the healthcare communications mix – influencer, stakeholder, social, emotive film, gamification and social interaction. At EatMoreFruit, we curate experiences that challenge conventional norms and ensure that every message delivered is not just heard, but felt deeply. Live events are melting pots of innovation, connection and inspiration.

Collaboration at its best

The world of healthcare thrives on interaction, the sharing of opinions, and the forming of consensus. Our live events, symposiums, and round tables act as a platform for sharing knowledge, forging networks, and pioneering concepts. These gatherings spark the kind of collaborative innovation that can redefine the future of health.

EatMoreFruit events strive to always deliver more. From small, intimate events with a handful of opinion leaders, to national events where whole sections of the healthcare community can gather; we aim for a sensory-rich experience that immerses attendees and leaves a lasting impression. We engage the sight with visuals, presentations, and interactive tech. With great insight, the right faculty, agenda, and a desirable shared and stated outcome, events are a key part of the mix in healthcare PR.

Spotlight Case study

On behalf of our Client, a global technology company and digital mental health therapy provider, EatMoreFruit developed the Digital Mindset Conference, a national gathering of UK’s top mental health professionals, at the King’s Fund, London. The event, featuring keynote speaker and mental health campaigner, Alastair Campbell, and Alastair McLellan, editor of the HSJ, tackled the burgeoning demand for mental health services post-pandemic and the future digital interventions needed to meet the needs of patients and payor. Over 150 attendees experienced the event in person, while 600+ joined online, The result? A landmark conference that not only facilitated vital discussions but also amplified the reach and impact of mental health narratives.

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