Opinion leader outreach

The power of opinion leadership in healthcare

Within healthcare communications, collaboration is key. By championing the right voices, we can shape perceptions that resonate deeply and drive transformative change.

In the health sector, Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are experts, clinicians and scientific researchers who have strong influence in pharma, medtech, or specific therapeutic areas. At EatMoreFruit, we understand the impact of these opinion leaders in reframing narratives, influencing decisions, and inspiring innovation.

The journey to reshaping a category or addressing pivotal issues begins with questioning established norms. Through our opinion leader outreach initiatives, we can challenge the status quo whilst painting a picture of a more informed, innovative and health-forward future.

Stakeholder outreach programmes

The healthcare sector thrives on innovation. Behind every groundbreaking idea are the early adopters who first believed in its potential. Our stakeholder outreach programmes are designed to align your brand with these influential frontrunners. Their endorsement and advocacy can make a tangible difference to your PR efforts.

Beyond mere outreach, our approach encompasses understanding, engagement, and sustained collaboration. We delve deep into the motivations and aspirations of opinion leaders, ensuring our outreach strategies are personalised, relevant, and impactful.

In the landscape of healthcare, the right partnerships can be the difference between fleeting attention and lasting impact. By connecting brands with opinion leaders who share a vision for a better future, we facilitate conversations that matter and drive actions that make a difference.

Case study

In our campaign for our FemTech client with a a non-surgical treatment for fibroids, we revolutionised the approach to fibroid treatment in the UK. By leveraging peer-to-peer advocacy, collaborating with early adopter clinicians and utilising creative film clips during the challenging times of COVID, we effectively communicated the benefits and smart technology behind Sonata. The campaign not only raised awareness but also showcased the treatment’s health economic advantages, leading to a notable shift in the management of fibroids.

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