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Embracing the digital age in healthcare

At EatMoreFruit, we are smart, connected and fast. We navigate the intersection of technology and communication to make sure your brand is in the fast lane of digital transformation.  Whether your audience is comprised of businesses, consumers or healthcare professionals (HCPs), our digital strategy is always finely tuned to deliver MORE impact, in the right place, with the right message, at the right time.

Strategic social media community building

The essence of impactful PR revolves around cultivating communities and nurturing relationships. Our strategies focus on building vibrant social media communities, places where conversations are initiated, and relationships are forged. Through meaningful engagements, we not only amplify your brands presence, but also foster trust through authentic interactions, solidifying your position as a respected voice in the healthcare sector.

Paid media in the healthcare landscape

From social media promotions to Pay Per Click (PPC), and strategic display ads, our campaigns are designed to capture attention and drive results. With a deep understanding of the nuances of medical marketing, we ensure every penny spent translates into valuable engagements, pushing your brand to the forefront of the digital realm.

It’s not just about reaching your audience but also providing value. Our strategies focus on creating a symbiotic relationship with your target audience. By offering value-driven content and solutions that resonate, we foster trust and loyalty whilst creating a dynamic value exchange to generate an influx of qualified leads.

Our digital services are not just about visibility, they are about creating a powerful and vibrant narrative for your brand in the digital age. With EatMoreFruit, your brand doesn’t just exist in the digital world; it thrives.

Case study

For our client in the health food space, we launched the #HealthyDoesIt campaign to spotlight the essential role of health foods and supplements in wellness. Our strategy fostered cooperation across the industry, uniting brands, retailers, and consumers with digital toolkits, collaborative creative materials, and joint media efforts. The campaign's heart was a robust mix of social, digital, and offline outreach, building a community deeply engaged in conversations about natural health and nutrition. This multi-channel approach not only increased awareness but also reinforced our client's position as a leading voice in health and wellbeing.

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