We’re a smart, experienced team of healthcare communications experts, passionate about creating meaningful connections to inspire healthier lives.

Whether that’s clinicians selecting the best treatment, patients understanding their disease better, or empowering consumers to take charge of their health, we work collaboratively with your team to make the world a better place.

There is no such thing as “enough”. At EatMoreFruit we are always striving for MORE. We have one goal in mind: Your success!

Our Leadership Team

Paul Jarman

Paul‘s expertise spans pharma, health technology, global self-care brands, and clinical providers. He has provided senior counsel to organisations such as Priory, Essity, GSK, Pfizer, Nuffield, Perspectum and Awakn Life Sciences. In a previous life he ran agencies for large international networks before founding Eat More Fruit with Sarah, Beth and Rachel; all sharing the belief that more was possible from the agency client relationship.

Sarah Winterbottom

Sarah has advised disrupter brands as well as mega corporations like Coca-Cola, Nestle, P&G, Heinz and EY. Her consumer health and self-care experience spans local, regional and global projects. An expert in the way influencers can serve to motivate a healthy change, her insight and consumer expertise ensures clients get the most impact for their budget.

Beth Lowes

Beth previously worked in global pharma where she devised and implemented CSR initiatives and other corporate partnerships. Her curiosity and depth of knowledge as to how technology drives the possibilities around the way brands and business communicate gives a unique perspective to any client brief.

Rachel Sabo

Rachel started her career as a journalist, eventually leading her to marketing roles at hospital groups including Spire and BMI Healthcare. She understands the media, how to work content for the greatest impact, and the best channels to reach each audience. Her competitive nature drives a winning record – from quizzes to front page news stories.

Our Services

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More media coverage

Get agenda-setting and cut-through media coverage, putting your innovation in front of investors, policy makers, and the public

Driven by cutting-edge media intelligence and powerful media relationships within the health sector.

Influencer Marketing

More brand engagement

Amplify your brand with influencers hand-picked to deliver sales, enquiries, or meaningful engagement.

• Find the first influencers in your health niche
• Co-create content for long-lasting engagement
• ABPI trained team to give regulated brands peace of mind

Content and Creative

We bring brands to life with written and visual content that connects with  hearts and minds. You will find an expert eye and creative spirit to challenge and channel your creative needs.

Opinion Leader Outreach

Reframing a category or issue relies on a challenge to the status quo, and creating a picture of what the best future might look like. Our stakeholder outreach programmes help align brands with those influential early adopters that make a real commercial difference.

Communications Planning

Plan, prepare, provoke. Our planning workshops spot the gap, reframe the conversation, test the messages, and prepare your PR to create an impact. The starting point of every successful campaign.

Social, Digital, Inbound

Smart, connected and fast. Attracting and qualifying customers through great content in the right place, with the right message, at the right time. For businesses, for consumers, or for HCPs – our approach to digital is always connected to where it’ll deliver the best impact.

  • Social media community building
  • Paid media – social, PPC and display
  • Value exchange and lead generation


Insight & Impact

Using the data, modelling the impact, making a healthy difference. Our research team dig deep, think creatively, and deliver the platform to start new conversations. We find a way to think differently about an issue or a market.  And change mindsets.

Live Events

Never underestimate the power of live events in healthcare, medicine and technology.

While we rely on tech to connect, there’s something unique about the outcomes of a live event. Creating the imperative, developing a category challenging theme, and curating a faculty to deliver the message.

Our approach is always ‘Collaboration’ … challenging the faculty and delegates to move the debate in a direction that ‘makes a healthy difference.’

Can we help you connect and collaborate?

What our clients say...

“Insightful, creative and always pushing us to do more.”

What our clients say...

“Great chemistry with a team of motivated and talented experts that deliver.”

What our clients say...

“We value their insight, innovation and expertise in connecting us with the stakeholders, that shape our market.”

What our clients say...

“Always deliver with enthusiasm and a depth of ability to make big ideas happen across markets.”

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