Maximising Healthcare Payor Engagement: The Power of Live Events and Personal Interactions

Too hard to buy, too hard to sell: Influencing decision-makers

Navigating the complex landscape of healthcare decision-making requires more than just traditional sales tactics. Understanding the needs and challenges of healthcare payors is paramount – which is why your in-real-life moments with customers need to make a healthy difference in the overall mix of sales channels and selling interactions.

The indispensable value of personal connections

According to research organisation Gartner, of the overall time spent on (medical) technology procurement research, only 17% is devoted to face-to-face interactions with the potential supplier. This figure diminishes further when multiple solutions vie for attention, dropping to 5% or 6%.

This data underscores the essence of crafting meaningful, personal connections in an overwhelmingly digital landscape. But how can healthcare events transcend traditional interaction barriers?

Leveraging live events for complex purchases

The journey to procure complex medical technologies or pharmaceutical solutions is notoriously convoluted, often involving the consensus of over ten decision-makers and healthcare payors, each with unique concerns and clinical requirements. It can be a huge piece of work to unravel and may never even reach a clear conclusion and sale. It’s just too hard to buy, so it’s just too hard to sell. Simplifying this process is where the true potential of live events and face-to-face interactions shines.

Events and live interactions in medical devices, medical technology and medicine offer a particular advantage over other channels in the sales funnel, accelerating conversion and improving differentiation. These gatherings offer opportunities for creative collaboration and problem-solving, allowing shared experiences and challenges to foster a sense of community among clinicians and healthcare professionals. By facilitating collaboration over direct selling, we witness the organic growth of peer-to-peer networks, significantly enhancing the exchange of insights and outcomes.

Maximising impact with healthcare payors

Given the scarcity of direct engagement opportunities in the medical technology and pharmaceutical sectors, maximising the effectiveness of these interactions becomes crucial. Aim for clear, impactful outcomes from every meeting, focusing on validation and consensus-building.

In the world of consumer goods they call it ‘live commerce’. An experience where benefits are shared amongst the audience.

Making a healthy difference

We believe in the transformative power of well-executed meetings and real-life marketing strategies to accelerate the decision-making process and elevate your brand in the healthcare industry.

The landscape of healthcare marketing and PR is evolving, with live events and direct engagement emerging as key differentiators. As a leading healthcare communications agency, we’re here to help you navigate these changes, ensuring your interactions with healthcare payors are as impactful as possible.

Can we help make a healthy difference to your meetings and ‘in-real-life’ marketing and communications? 

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