The Human Touch: Why AI Cannot Replace Copywriters in Healthcare Communications

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible, ushering a technological renaissance of the modern day. From algorithms that solve complex challenges in the blink of an eye to automated workflows that optimise efficiency, AI is making a name for itself within various industries, including healthcare.

While AI offers limitless opportunities in advancing healthcare and outcomes for patients, there are certain industry corners where its complete adoption may have negative implications—especially in the field of healthcare communications, where the human touch is irreplaceable.

Medical communications stretches far beyond just relaying information; it’s about empathy, understanding, and conveying critical information to create emotive storytelling that resonates with the audience. Despite its capabilities, here are our reasons why AI cannot replace copywriters in healthcare.

It’s all about EI. Not AI

Working in healthcare requires a high level of emotional intelligence (EI) and empathy. At the root of every patient is an individual. One who possesses a mix of emotions from fear and uncertainty to hope – seeking friendly and personal advice on their condition. Through all of its knowledge, AI lacks EI and the ability to empathise, often spewing large amounts of information without any real context or emotion. Copywriters on the other hand have the innate ability to integrate compassion and understanding into their content, creating bespoke experiences that resonate with their audience.

Cultural understanding

Healthcare is a melting pot of cultural, social, and regional diversities. Ensuring such factors are taken into account is paramount for the messages to be interpreted and understood by all. Copywriters are able to adapt their writing style to suit various cultural backgrounds, ensuring that the message is not just understood but also respected within diverse communities. AI often misses the mark on this by its inability to attune to these specific cultural nuances – often creating healthcare PR nightmare.

Navigating nuisances

Healthcare is never just black and white and often involves complex, nuanced information that can differ depending on the given scenarios. As a specialised healthcare communications agency, we understand that patients require information that goes beyond just facts and they need to be presented in an easily understandable way, free from medical jargon and addresses their specific circumstances. Much like a captain of a ship, copywriters possess the skill to navigate such nuisances and develop messages that resonate with diverse audiences, considering their individual needs and unique situations, something AI is unable to achieve.

An ethical and moral conundrum

Healthcare requires a high degree of ethical and moral standards. Understanding societal norms and having a moral compass allows copywriters to communicate sensitive information that adheres to ethical guidelines whilst maintaining impactful messaging. AI’s lack of empathy and the ability to make effective decisions based on ethical considerations creates a morality conundrum, often causing confusion and impact in message delivery.

Creativity. Creativity. Creativity

No two people are the same, and therefore neither is the information they need. In healthcare marketing, copywriters use a variety of creative approaches in their work to create content that is more engaging, accessible and most importantly, catered to the needs of the individual. As AI is progressing, we are seeing the streamlining of content creation but it’s still a very long way from harnessing the power of human creativity necessary to make the information both informative and engaging.

While AI can assist in various aspects of healthcare communication, it’s clear that the human touch in the form of copywriters remains indispensable. At EatMoreFruit, we know the importance of developing creative and impactful content that can help make a healthy difference to your brand and the industry you operate in.

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