MedTech: Face the sun…Leave the weeds behind

Your new product is finished, you’ve passed all medtech approvals and you’re ready to launch. Now you want to tell everyone about it, lavish attention on every detail, feature and benefit to convince customers that it is exactly what they have been waiting for. It’s a perfectly natural reaction after all the blood sweat and tears it’s taken to get to the start line.

But it’s also a danger. The danger of information overload. And a passionate technical director’s obsession with  technical features can mean the real-world benefits can easily get ost in the data.

MedTech, FemTech, FinTech, (and just about every Tech) is booming, there are hundreds of products competing for attention. They may well not be as good as yours, but unfortunately, most buyers and influencers do not have the depth of understanding, nor the time, to sort through the endless technical features of every product on the market.

The choice is to either stay amongst the weeds and fight it out with the competition, feature for feature, technical detail by technical detail. Or, to look beyond – for another way.

You need to connect. Not with everyone, but with a defining few. And you need to differentiate. And you need to matter.

How to communicate better in MedTech?

The secret of a good communications narrative is the context of the audience, it talks to the things that matter to them. It has a momentum that moves audiences through the story towards the conclusion that your product is right for them. The features of the product only really come into play at the very end of this story. Crucially, the title of story has to be about their needs, and not your product.

We influence audiences with emotion first and use facts to rationalise their decision later. Telling a story that draws an audience in, making it relevant to them, creates that emotional engagement. This may well relate to the medical condition they suffer, but also about their wider lifestyle, economic, cultural and emotional needs.

Choose not to compete down in the weeds in a feature v feature dogfight. Instead find the platforms that will enable you to communicate with your audiences about the things that really matter to them, assuring them yours is the right product or service to help them navigate their life. To live better.

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