MedTech Events you Should be Attending in 2024

What does the future hold for healthcare? Between breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), robotic surgical technology and virtual reality-enhanced diagnostics, MedTech events provide key insights into how we are are harnessing the transformative power of technology in healthcare.

Whether you’re looking to network, learn, educate or showcase products, MedTech events can be invaluable for marketing and communication professionals looking to elevate their brand’s awareness and communication strategy. Such events also offer a unique platform for networking with key industry leaders, keeping up to date with the latest trends, showcasing innovations, and driving progress in medical education. It’s important to carefully plan and select events that align with your commercial goals and objectives.

Our Choice of MedTech Events

Below are 8 of the most anticipated MedTech events of 2024, each offering a glimpse into innovative technologies, groundbreaking research, and visionary thinkers who are set to redefine the boundaries of healthcare.

WIRED Health, 19 March, London, UK

WIRED Health casts a spotlight on innovative disruptors, scientists, and practitioners, who are driving positive change in healthcare service delivery and accessibility. The event brings together medical professionals, health technologists, pharmaceutical leaders, and entrepreneurs to discuss the importance of provisions to healthcare and medicine.

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Bio-Europe Spring, 18-20 March, Barcelona, Spain

BIO-Europe Spring 2024 aims to delve into cutting-edge developments and foster crucial strategic collaborations, with discussion topics ranging from platform technologies and manufacturing to biotech investments. With over 2,000 in attendance, the event will feature a thoughtfully crafted 3-day programme focused on innovation and networking.

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The London Biotechnology Show, 8 May, London, UK

The Biotechnology Show focuses on harnessing biotechnology’s potential to transform global medical and healthcare sectors. It features a top-tier exhibition and conference, uniting policymakers, industry experts, and key stakeholders. Attendees have the opportunity to engage in high-level networking, showcase innovations, and explore business opportunities in medicine and healthcare.

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The MedTech Forum, 22-24 May, Vienna, Austria

The MedTech Forum is the largest conference in health and medical technology in Europe, gathering industry leaders, innovators and investors to explore future opportunities in the medical technology sector.

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MedTech Innovation Expo, 5-6 June, Birmingham, UK

This exhibition prides itself on being the UK and Ireland’s premier event for medical device manufacturing, uniting leaders, engineers, and innovators with cutting edge technology. The event will showcase top suppliers, materials and devices to healthcare professionals and innovators.

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MedTec Live, 18-20 June, Stuttgart, Germany 

MedTec Live will serve as a meeting point for product developers, distributors, and OEMs (original equipment manufactuers) to connect with Europe’s foremost medical technology suppliers. The event provides an opportunity for exhibitors and visitors in the bioengineering industry to collaborate and shine a light on new advances and solutions within the medical technology industry.

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Healthcare Excellence Through Technology (HETT), 24-25 September, London, UK

The HETT show gathers important figures from the Digital Health Community, offering thousands of delegates from around the world CPD-accredited educational sessions, interactive activities, and valuable networking opportunities. HETT 2024 focuses on the systems and infrastructure that drive a data-driven NHS, promoting the effective use of technology for improved patient outcomes.

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American Medical Device Summit, 1-2 October, Chicago, USA

The American Medical Device Summit will bring together key leaders from the medical device industry, offering over 250 delegates the opportunity to engage in discussions, attend educational sessions, and participate in valuable networking opportunities. With some of the world’s top MedTech companies in attendance, the summit explores challenges and opportunities in MedTech innovation, technology and product development.

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Want to make the most out of live events?

At EatMoreFruit, we specialise in helping our clients maximise the impact of live events. Live events offer opportunities to connect with a diverse set of audiences, ranging from policymakers to patients. We don’t just host events; we create lasting immersive experiences that break the mould, foster meaningful conversations and drive change. Our live events, symposiums, and round tables offer platforms for knowledge sharing, network building, and shaping the future of health. If you want to learn more about how EatMoreFruit can help you get the most out of live events, we’d love to hear from you.

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