Behind closed doors: a deep dive into our clients’ worlds

As with any marketing and healthcare communications campaign, understanding what motivates audiences and what their barriers and burning issues are, is key to delivering an effective strategy. So when one of our MedTech PR clients invited us to join them in the field for a day… We jumped at the chance!

After a day behind the doors of one the UK’s leading university hospitals, meeting surgeons and nurses, we came away with some valuable insights…

What drives decision-making?

  • Speaking directly to decision makers and end users gives invaluable understanding into what motivates certain groups. Clinical evidence aside, we got to speak to clinicians, patients and payors about their attitudes, viewpoints and what really matters to them on the ground.
  • The NHS is a complex beast, and hospital set-up and decision-making varies considerably across Trusts. So, spending time on the ground to understand the decision-making processes ensures that the right message reaches the right person, at the right time.

Connecting with your audience

  • A deeper understanding of PR in sales and how PR is useful not only at the awareness stage. We saw how PR stories capturing a new MedTech launch are often used as a door-opener, and a powerful case study to help seal the deal.
  • Building trust is crucial in a world saturated with competitors. Getting an early adopter to advocate on behalf of a brand or company will resonate with customers above and beyond brand marketing.
  • Using customers to cocreate and validate is key. Communication plans developed in collaboration with the target audience will always land better.

Power in your peers

  • Peer-to-peer influence matters. In fact, when quizzing the surgeons about what drives a change in practice or protocol, seeing evidence of other hospitals, departments or valued key opinion leaders implementing a new medical device or consumable with success was a key driver for change.
  • In a virtual world, meeting people face to face was a reminder of how important it is to build relationships. We made some great new connections whom could prove valuable when hunting for KOLs for our next MedTech PR launch.

Sustainability starts now

Sustainability is the 2023 buzz word within the NHS. Being environmentally aware is important and should be at the forefront of all communications. Even if a company isn’t living the sustainable dream, demonstrating willingness or future ecological goals can have a positive impact.

At EatMoreFruit, clients often refer to us as an extension of their team. We are a healthcare communications agency which always goes above and beyond to understand our clients’ worlds – it’s all part of our mission to make a healthy difference to your business. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

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