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A MORE serious conversation about psychedelics

Our Client is a biotech commercialising psychedelic compounds to augment psychotherapy in addiction, depression, and anxiety. Proprietary research alongside Imperial and Exeter Universities illustrated the game-changing outcomes of its clinical application of Ketamine and MDMA vs standard care.

Psychedelics have been viewed through a narrow lens of recreational use and ill-informed self-medication; ignoring the extensive data and clinical practice with the potential to revolutionise outcomes in mental health.

It was time to change the conversation among stakeholders and illustrate the real potential for psychedelic compounds and a new approach to therapy that could save lives and reduce costs for payors.

MORE balance

Through a series of strategically planned meetings, we collaborated with selected national media outlets to discuss the opportunity psychedelic therapy presented to society. Current standard care did not present value for money, had unacceptably poor outcomes, and low expectations were the norm. A busy press office issued news of data from Awakn’s R&D pipeline, and spokespeople were regularly placed in target print and broadcast media such as The Guardian, and The Telegraph.

MORE influence

A targeted speaker bureau placed Awakn’s scientific team (including Dr Ben Sessa, Prof David Nutt and Prof Celia Morgan) on key European scientific and social policy platforms, and as guests on podcasts. Roundtables were arranged and placed our client’s speakers alongside industry stakeholders and influencers.

MORE change

We changed the conversation. Our Client were the de-facto voice of a growing psychedelics-based pharma sector. In the 12 months from launch, Awakn successfully placed an IPO, secured UK Government funding for further research into its later-stage pipeline, and entered trials with two regional NHS authorities. It became cash-generating, successfully launching three branded clinics in the UK and Scandinavia. Psychedelics have become a recognised mainstream clinical therapy.



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