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Bausch + Lomb

Making a heritage brand iconic

Icons of Ophthalmology

Icons of Ophthalmology celebrated the 50th anniversary of Bausch + Lomb’s Minims range. A panel of leading ophthalmologists shared 25 unique stories, each celebrating a real innovation from an ophthalmic visionary from the past 50 years.

A vote was opened to all UK eye care professionals to choose the most iconic technologies and techniques that we have to thank for sight-saving advances worldwide – presented to the market by Bausch + Lomb’s iconic brand Minims.

More Collaboration

Through hustings and polls at global meetings and conferences, an eventual final exhibition and educational almanac were created as content marketing material to underline Bausch + Lomb’s ownership of the omnipresent Minims brand. A range used by eye health care professionals across the globe – a heritage brand given renewed relevance and talk-ability in the market.

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