When influencers became the new brand

Since small scale bedroom beauty bloggers took on the media; beauty and aesthetic communications changed forever. A thriving industry has developed into the highly commercialised world of superstar bloggers and experts with celebrity status. No other industry, bar fashion, has seen such a seismic power shift away from big media to the influencer; some of whom now head up their own brands which generate income similar to magazine advertising.

Many successful print publications still hold a revered credibility, but it is much harder to get coverage in print’s ever-decreasing space; and the usual beauty PR’s tactics of lavish lunches and exotic press trips abroad just don’t have the same cachet they once had. The industry has to embrace an integrated, digital and influencer led approach.

L’Oréal is leading the way in influencer marketing with their #YoursTruly campaign for True Match which celebrates diversity. The brand recruited 23 ambassadors to represent the 23 different foundation shades, including influencers, bloggers and celebrities – helping them to get closer to their audience than ever before. The campaign ran across TV, cinema and social media platforms, with a dedicated online hub hosting bespoke and state-of-the art interactive content.

As influencers continue to take on a more prominent role in the marketing strategies of brands, companies need to implement the right tactics to get in on the action and foster positive partnerships.

Here are EatMoreFruit’s top 6 tips to help the influencers help your brand:

  • Influencer Power: brand collaboration with the right influencers will inspire, create trends, and make your products desirable
  • It’s about content: telling your brand story in a wider context that appeals to your target consumer
  • Social acceleration: disseminating different angles of the same story to carefully targeted audiences will increase your reach
  • SEO visibility: no one is going to find your wonderful content if you haven’t optimised; key words and boosting natural search are essential tools of the trade for increased visibility
  • Social media listening: listening to what your customers want via social media can help shape your brand strategy, enabling you to track and adapt content based on engagement
  • Be real and flip the focus… let the benefits and features of your innovation come through naturally, influencers are influencers because they are trusted – if it feels forced it will appear disingenuous. So keep it real!

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